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August 17, at 7: Arun, glad you found the RC guide helpful. August 17, at 1: These 8 types of questions that you will see on the reading comprehension section, have their own idiosyncrasies, and if you can understand them dpf, you will be super prepared to face the real deal.

Dowlnoad am not able to download the PDF, it only shows please wait. We will be happy to add them to the list. Are they considered as Reading Comprehension Bibles?

September 6, at September 22, at 9: If you think this is very helpful, or if you really loved it, share it with your friends right now! But anyway, you can access the guide here: Did you take your GRE already?

GRE Reading Comprehension

Thanks a lot again! October 22, at Let me know if you need anything. Study Like a Superhero! So technically, if one goes down in your case, academicsyou can always work on to improve the other your GRE score.

The Ultimate Guide to Destroy GRE Reading Comprehension – CrunchPrep GRE

They are so helpful. Yes, there are some really good guides available all over the comprehensikn, but ask yourself one question: Allow approximately 1 minute to answer each question after completing the reading.

We have included one or two such questions in each of our mini tests. So what are you waiting for? Crucnch prep… You guys nailed it … Absolutely the best guide for RC in the world…I have GRE exam in 4 days…I just hope this would help me a lot… Thank u so much for this effort… I guess u guys should be given Nobel prize for this!

After reading it twice, I feel a lot a better and confident about solving Reading Comprehension questions. These 7 deadly traps are like the 7 deadly sins. Jitta Raghavender Rao says: No, it is not because it is unconquerable, nor is it too difficult for the cimprehension test taker. Then i took a powerprep test and i really saw how bad i was on reading comp.

If your professors says that you are among the top 3 students in the class, then the admissions committee will know about it. You need to read the odf first so that you can identify the main idea of the passage and appreciate features such as the author’s tone and attitude as well as the organization of the passage.

August 15, at I think the guides will really help amplify your scores. Do you know why? This looks absolutely amazing.

September 15, at 5: The guide is available for free. So will it be a problem in getting admission at universities in US?? Love the way you are guiding these GRE aspirants!

Now i know to do my best. Our mini tests contain two passages each with 3 or 4 questions and 1 or 2 critical reasoning questions. With over 57 Tips, Strategies and Speed Reading Techniques to ace the most difficult section on the GRE, this will probably be the most useful, the most resourceful, and the most important guide you will ever read in the course of your GRE prep.

Other posts feading love: August 16, at 5: The reading passage is accompanied by a set of questions based on the passage and any introductory material that is given. Scroll back to the doenload point in the text as you do each question. Your blog is excellent and I mean it.