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For example, a Canadian shirt manufacturer making men’s shirts from imported fabrics need not state that the fabrics are imported unless it is desirable to do so. About Canada’s Food Guide Learn about Canada’s Food Guide, its history, evidence base, frequently asked questions and user access to banners and icons.

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Where an article is made up in whole or in part of materials for which the fibre content is unknown and cannot be accurately determined, the terms “unknown fibres”, “undetermined fibres”, “miscellaneous fibres” or “mixed fibres” should be used. Offices dealing with the provincial requirements for upholstered and stuffed articles Appendix G: Use our toolkit for educators to help teach children and adults about healthy eating and physical activity. When a permanent label is attached to an article so as to leave both sides easily accessible, the downloxd may have part of the required information on one side and the remainder on the other.

Discover how Canada’s Food Guide is used to make food labels and advertisements to help Canadians make healthy food choices. Applications for an identification number may be submitted electronically through the Competition Bureau website: Access resources to help teach children and adults about healthy eating, physical activity and food labels.

All consumer textile articles identified in Schedule I of the Regulations and labellinh are to be offered for sale in Canada must be labelled in accordance with the Act and Regulations. Nutrition Facts provides detailed nutritional analysis on over foods. Learn about the reproduction and adaptation of Canada’s Food Guide as well as its copyright guidelines.

Great resource for those on diets. Where such fibres are used, the word “reclaimed”, “reprocessed” or “reused” must be shown immediately preceding the generic name. It is also recommended that supplementary descriptive terms used in conjunction with the fibre content be bilingual, i. How to file a complaint. Discus is the labeling software product from Magic Mouse Productions.

However, when exempted textile articles are labelled, these articles must be labelled in a manner which is neither false nor misleading, ref. If it is stated that the shirts are made from imported fabrics, then the country of origin of those fabrics must be stated.

LightScribe Simple Labeler – Free download and software reviews In general, generic names must be stated in order of predominance by mass. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Application for a CA identification number. A reinforcement yarn is a portion of a complex yarn that is either present as a core or wrap for the purpose of increasing the strength of the yarn.

Canada’s food guides Learn about Canada’s food guides and how they can help you make healthy food choices. If you run a catering business, you sell food loose or package it for sale in your shop, you only need to show:.

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Please note advertisin, with one exception, abbreviations for any of the generic names are not acceptable. Some terms on a cat food label have legal meaning, while others, such as “natural” and “premium” do not.

Where the labels used are not together in the same location, all the English fibre content information may appear on one label and all the French fibre content information on another label. The amount of a textile fibre refers to the total mass of that particular fibre, expressed as a percentage of the entire article or of downloav particular section of the article.

The downlkad of garment dimensions and designation of size codes or “sizes” are left to the discretion of the dealer. Also access tips on meal preparation and eating at different stages of life.

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The term “textile fibre product” means any consumer textile article and any textile fibre, yarn or fabric used or to be used in a consumer textile article.

Also find tips and tools to help you eat foods that are better for you and in the right amounts. The dealer identity may be disclosed by identifying the name and full postal address under which the dealer normally carries out his business, or for a dealer in Canada, an identification number obtained by applying to a Competition Bureau office of Industry Canada.

Applications may also be submitted in writing to the Competition Bureau using the form guidde in Appendix G.

lavelling Should the dealer downkoad to disclose the fibre content of the trimming, an acceptable disclosure is:. You might also have to show certain warnings. Is this page useful? Eat healthy with Canada’s Food Guide. For your convenience, lists of these generic names are included in Appendices A and B of this publication.

The misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices sections of the Competition Act may also apply. Consumer textile articles made up from a pile, coated or impregnated fabric that has a pile, coating or impregnator that differs in fibre content from the backing or base fabric, may be labelled in either of the following two ways:. Report a problem or mistake lqbelling this page. Consumer textile articles that are clearly identified by means of a label, sign, mark, etc.

A disclosure label must be applied to a consumer textile article in such a manner that the label is legible and accessible to the prospective consumer at the time of purchase.