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And it also means that every human activity, whether the acquiring of knowledge or the acquiring of things, has to be submitted immediately to the test of life itself and of its subserviency to the end of living.

Are you sure you want to delete this list? It was not so in the classical civilization of the Greeks and Romans, and it was not so in China, where the study of wisdom of life formed the scholars’ chief occupation. I am all for R3D2.

It thf an idle philosophy born of an idle life, evolved in a different age, I am quite aware. Deeper down in their allegorical sense, these views after all do not differ so much from one another, especially when the modern man with better biological and anthropological knowledge gives them a broader interpretation.

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I recently learned that an equally-beloved philosophy professor, who introduced me to Chinese philosophy, died last year.

As importancr happened during the decay of the ancient worlds, a tendency grew up to emphasize the afterlife, and the question of salvation supplanted the question of happiness or simple living itself. There is a terrible philosophy in this saying, Others gave birth to us and we give birth to others.

The English scan to be on the whole the soundest race: I promise to modify them gradually for my own use as new facts are brought to my knowledge, or new impressions are formed.

There was no mythical Golden Period in the sense of the Garden of Eden, and no allegory of the Fall of Man; the Hellenes themselves were but human creatures transformed from pebbles picked up and thrown over their shoulders by Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha, as they were coming down to the plain after the Great Flood. Oof is why we get so much pseudo-science today.

Lin Yutang – The Importance Of Living

I believe one of the greatest pleasures of life is to curl up one’s legs in bed. Every man born into this world starts out with certain passions and desires and this vital energy, which run their course in different cycles through childhood, youth, maturity, old age and death.

Probably these formulas are more provocative than authoritative. Confucius said, When young, beware of fighting; when strong, beware of sex; and when old, beware of possession, which simply means that a boy loves fighting, uutang young man loves women, and an old man loves money.

Out of sadness comes the awakening and out of the awakening comes the laughter of the philosopher, with kindliness and tolerance to boot. The most curious aspect of Christian thought is the idea of perfection. Only the development of our life to bring it into harmony with our instincts can save us.

Confucius, that great artist of life, “never lay straight” in bed, “like a corpse”, but always curled eownload on one side. A reasonable naturalist then settles down to this life with a sort of animal satisfaction.

It will become amply clear from what follows that this high sensitivity to the pleasures and pains and flux and change of the colors of life is the very basis that makes a light philosophy possible.

On the other hand, there is the danger of our being enslaved by them. The posture of the arms is also very important, in order to reach the greatest degree of aesthetic pleasure and mental power.

The philosophy of the Chinese art of living can certainly be called the gay science, if anything can be called by that phrase used by Nietzsche. First the sadness and sense of defeat, then the awakening and the laughter of the old rogue-philosopher.

The Importance of Living Quotes by Lin Yutang

All in all, there is still a belief in total depravity, that enjoyment of this life is sin and wickedness, that to be uncomfortable is to be virtuous, and that on impoetance whole man cannot save himself except by a greater power outside.

The scamp-like qualities of man are, after all, his most hopeful qualities. There is a story illustrating this point of view. This is a personal testimony, a testimony of my own experience of thought and life.

I think of Lin Yutang and the fo he led; learning, loving, living, just like my professors. For there is a robust sense of reality, a sheer animal sense, a spirit of reasonableness which crushes reason itself downlload makes the rise of any hard and fast philosophic system impossible.

That is the Confucianist view, which believes that by living in harmony with this human nature given us, we can become the equals of heaven and earth, as quoted at the end of Chapter VI.

I believe the best posture is not lying flat on the bed, but being upholstered with big soft pillows at an angle of thirty degrees with either one arm or both arms placed behind the back of one’s head. What American idealism is, I had better leave it to the Americans to find out; but they are always enthusiastic about something or other.

This is certainly a strange anomaly of modern culture, for philosophy, which should lie closest to men’s bosom and business, has become most remote from life. It is only a question whether he will have more or less of that sort of thing, and how he will arrange to make it possible. Plato thought ideas were immortal, but individual souls were either base or noble, according as they loved justice, learning, temperance and beauty or not.

The doctrine of sin is still the basic assumption of Christianity as generally practiced today, and Christian missionaries trying to make converts generally start out by impressing upon the party to be converted a consciousness of sin and of the wickedness of human nature which is, of course, the sine qua non for the need of the ready-made remedy which the missionary has up his sleeve.

Read on Scribd mobile: Let us begin with an examination of the Chinese mental make-up which produced this philosophy of living: It is evident anyway that the Chinese as a nation are more philosophic than efficient, and that if it were otherwise, no nation could have survived the high blood pressure of an efficient life for four thousand years.

I read it that summer. The scamp is probably the most glorious type of human being, as the soldier is the lowest type, according to this conception.

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Return to Book Page. I like summer, but it is too proud. Start your free 30 days. The world, I believe, is far too serious, and being far too serious, it has need of a wise and merry philosophy. Thanks for telling us about ln problem.