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All you are doing is changing the frame of reference. Can you imagine dropping a coin into that having it speed up and slow down and move up magnetic current by edward leedskalnin pdf download slope and back down it? In addition, the radial spin axis of our solar system does not rotate around the center of our galaxy either.

You might find some of the other papers quite interesting also. It remains in edwaed slight wobble of angular declination.

The Helical Model – vortex solar system animation | 01

This is the license plate of that van. However things such as my discovery as seen on you tube youtube. The winter solstice is a manifestation of leedsaklnin existence of the Zale Angle.

How much is out there? We translated the script into Japanese. Dude, get a GRIP!

Sometimes even scientific people and magazines can be guilty of bad reporting. There are a couple of steps to get from the video to the effect on the solstice.

The sun is only the center of our solar system. I see now that many others have said similar things. Does the Moon care about going faster or slower than the Earth in its path around the Sun?

Imagine spinning a yo-yo around your head as you walk around a tree. The Red Pyramidalso called the North Pyramidis the largest of the three major leedskalni located at the Dahshur necropolis.

The Earth centric is not wrong either and it was easier for awhile.

The Helical Model – vortex solar system animation

I am grateful to you. I am not magneyic scientist. Then, after completing one orbit, it must increase speed to overtake the Sun in half a year. Yeah I know, someone pointed that out already. So I am told. Returning from these ideas of later development to the primitive source of their suggestion, let us now examine the native picture of Xonecuilli, Ursa Minor, preserved in the unpublished Academia MS.

For me personally the heliocentric model feels like a useless merry-go-round: We are also moving slightly upward and downward from this plain of the spiral, 25,LY in distance — and downward. Unless there is some other force central to the Helix he shows at work, this is mathematically impossible. Thank you so much for your great animation and soundtrack. Yet we are taught that this ancient idea is wrong. The galaxy itself is not immobil Our galactic group is not immobil.

Thank you for your great work! I went on a quest to find it; thanks for posting it. His constant flight speed when examined, is relative to the viewpoint. Essentially, the solar system is like a disc that acts as a whole. Our moon and other moons seem to have planar orbits…and 2. For simplicity and parsimony. The Helical magnetic current by edward leedskalnin pdf download is correct.

Can we find a reference to the numbers in this VBM chart? But the vortex effect that is being shown is not real in the sense that it is being described edard than the outer parts of the spokes of a bicycle wheel travel in a vortex in relation to the hub.

Has hubris ever been taken to greater extremes? And this would go for all the planets. How deep into space can we observe? Your animation made me feel it in my heart. You, too, are thinking linearly. Motion cannot be discussed without it.