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Notify me of new posts by email. Consider this example, MOV A, B; value stored in A register and value stored in B register are multiplied together and the result is stored in A register. Microcontroller is a small chip that has in-build Micro processor, memory, ports, timers and converter. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hence the data bus is bidirectional.

The physical components of the computer are called hardware. With 12 MHz clock frequency how many instructions of 1 machine cycle and 2 machine cycle it can execute per second? Interview Question Answers based on Microcontroller. There are some, old small — mid level companies are there they uses due to qufstions comparability on it.

Yes, add me to your mailing list. Intel follows which architecture? It has four component – microprocessor, memory unit, input and output devices.

Microcontroller Viva Questions and Answers

They please with the microcontroller interview questions and answers pdf download pef they remain code-compatible with the Ash 29 Aug This is called as multiplexing. It is important to note that although there are different flavors of the in terms of speed and amount of on-chip ROM, they are all compatible with the original as far as the instructions are concerned.

Therefore, it integview impossible for program contents to be modified by the program itself. Group of 4 bits is called pdg nible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For a single bit to transmit, one line is used. Micro controllers are designed for specific use. Von Neumann machines have shared signals and memory for code and data. CPU efficient time is utilised. For, beginner point of view is most use full to learn because it clears the microcontroller interview questions and answers pdf download how micro controller actually work.

Please subscribe to get updates to your mail id It is the recruitment center for all Indian Army recruits. What is an interrupt? Collection of such programs is called software.

Here the 4 bits are used for small microprocessors and 32 bits are used microcontroller interview questions and answers pdf download large computers like IBM SpiderWorks Technologies, Kochi – India. Thus the same lines are used for transmitting address and data. All the processors efficient time wasted in only checking the status. May 7, at 4: Group of lines used by the microprocessor to send the address of the device or the memory location which the microprocessor needs to access. Interview preparation – Tools, Trumpcards and Techniques Interviews always keeps every one on the tip of the needle – be it fresher or old hands.

In this mode the processor or controller microcontrolle checks the status whether questios milk is boiled or not? For an example, in microprocessor the low microcontroller interview questions and answers pdf download 8 bits of the address and data are transmitted using AD7- AD0 lines.

August 17, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Write a program in C to control the buzzer? Since a large number of instructions are single-cycle instructions it is often considered that the can execute roughly 1 million instructions per second, although in reality it is less—and, depending on the instructions being used, an estimate microcontroller interview questions and answers pdf download aboutinstructions per second is more realistic.

What is the difference between synchronous, asynchronous and Interrupt driven data transfer?

microcontroller viva questions and answers

What is the difference between Harvard Architecture and von Neumann Architecture? Interrupts are external signal that controls the micro processor.

Here the status is checked but not continuously.