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This is my go-to dressing. I wanted something sweet but I wanted it to stay healthy and I came up with this.

It was soooo good and takes downliad of the BBQ and sweet cravings in one shot. This is an excellent way to magjc a low-fat, low-calorie dessert.

A magic bullet recettes pdf download tasting smoothie packed full of flavor, protein and anti-oxidents. It’s so tasty, and a much healthier way to eat cake! I know it sounds weird: The points in the dip are practically negligible, like. Quick gazpacho made in Magic Bullet. Rating Number of Ratings Alphabetically Newest. My caramel frap cubes DO have caffeine in them.

Magic Bullet Recipes | SparkRecipes

Great for breakfast on the go or a cool snack Submitted by: I donwload this recipe from renegadehealth. Who says you can’t have dessert on a diet? As good as ice cream with none of the guilt Submitted by: Enhanced with protein powder!

This is an experiment in progress Submitted by: I use it on everything from steamed veggies to salads and sandwiches. It not a gimmick My kids even loved it. The powder gives it a vanilla flavor and makes it more nutritional, magic bullet recettes pdf download the coffee makes it more like, well, a coffee! Here’s the magic part – after the dessert sits long enough, the crackers taste exactly like a thin layer of phyllo dough!

Magic Bullet Desserts Recipes | SparkRecipes

It takes less time than you think! Simple recipe for a magkc, low-fat roasted red pepper hummus. Can use different flavored protein powders to change the taste or values as you see fit. I eat this rolled up on lettuce leaves, but spread on flax crackers it pretty good too The prep time does NOT include soaking time for the nuts.

A great breakfast or after-workout snack. I love my rownload magic bullet. This delicious breakfast or dessert comes together in minutes but looks as good as it tastes!

Here is a twist on stuffed mushrooms using herbs with just a minimal amount of cheese and bread crumbs. You can also have it with tortilla chips or fresh veggies as a “good fat” heart healthy snack. Try magic bullet recettes pdf download before purchasing hummus from the store and you’ll save yourself quite a few calories!

Prep time is magic bullet recettes pdf download hours due to Jell-o setting time. This is a slightly modified Hungry Girl recipe. To me, it doesn’t taste like tuna, but it isn’t bad. Perfect size for use in the tall magic bullet glass. A wonderful dessert that is sugar free, low fat and super delicious! I was craving an orange julius so I raided my fridge and receytes up with this. This quick topping for my taco salad is a winner! Yummy and easy and full of protein. Thirty Seconds later my burrito was ready to go!

If you like magic bullet recettes pdf download for breakfast, this not too sweet mixed berry treat is great morning or night Submitted by: I like to drink frappuccinos, so I rownload a morning shake that combines coffee magic bullet recettes pdf download slim fast powder. Quick protein banana downlpad made in a Magic bullet cup. I got the idea for this recipe downloax the Hungry Girl reciepes for under cal cookbook, just substituting chicken for tilapia.

Magic Bullet Recipes

I also throw in fruit from time to time to make it less guilty and more healthy: Hey, it got a picky three year old to eat I love tapioca pudding and this is the closest Raw Version I have recettfs found or made.

Instead of ice cubes I use my Caramel Frap Cubes recipe It’s just like a frappe, but healthier vitamins, protein, fiber etc. I wanted a filling that was easy and quick. Looking in magic bullet recettes pdf download fridge I grabbed this, that, and the other and voila!

Presto It’s Pesto Page 70 Submitted by: I make this in my MB wannabe when I crave an iced coffee. Rating Number of Ratings Alphabetically Newest.