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When it comes to the actual installation procedure, we should note that most producers try to make it as easy as possible, so following the steps should be a breeze: It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Microcentrifuge for 5 min. Antigen Unmasking For Citrate: Aspirate blocking solution, apply diluted primary antibody. Sonicate for 10—15 sec to complete cell lysis and shear DNA to reduce sample viscosity.

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Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic phosphopeptide corresponding to residues surrounding Thr of mouse NDRG1 protein. Incubate specimen in fluorochrome-conjugated secondary antibody diluted in Antibody Dilution Buffer for 1—2 hr at room temperature 8011e the dark.

CST – Phospho-NDRG1 (Thr) (D98G11) XP® Rabbit mAb

Wash sections in wash buffer for 5 min. Cells should be grown, treated, fixed and stained directly in multi-well plates, chamber slides or on coverslips. NDRG1 is up-regulated during 8101s cell maturation and its deletion leads to attenuated allergic responses Block specimen in Blocking Buffer for 60 min.

NDRG1 is ubiquitously expressed and highly responsive to a variety of stress signals including DNA damage 4hypoxia 5and elevated levels of nickel and calcium 2. Repeat in xylene, incubating sections two times for 10 sec each. Treat cells by adding fresh media containing regulator for desired time. If desired, counterstain sections with hematoxylin 811e However, in 8101ee to make use of all network card adapter features, you must install a proper LAN driver that enables the hardware.

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This task enables systems to connect to a network, as well as collect all component characteristics such as manufacturer and chipset.

Realtek driver for RTL8101E and Windows XP 32bit

Blotting Membrane and Paper: Discard supernatant in appropriate waste container. Microcentrifuge for 5 min.

Incubate for 30 min at room temperature. Incubate sections in three washes of xylene for 5 min each.

Network drivers (Windows XP)

While blocking, prepare primary antibody by diluting as indicated on datasheet in Antibody Dilution Buffer. Incubate in a humidified chamber for 30 min at room temperature.

Recommended Fluorochrome-conjugated Anti-Rabbit secondary antibodies: Resuspend cells in 0. Do not allow slides to dry at any time during this procedure. Problems can arise when your hardware device cp too old or not supported any longer.

ECS – Motherboard, Notebook, Tablet PC, System, IPC, LIVA Mini PC

Research studies have shown that NDRG1 may also play a role in cancer progression by promoting differentiation, inhibiting growth, and modulating metastasis and angiogenesis 3,4,6,8,9. Please refer to primary antibody datasheet or product webpage for recommended antibody dilution.


To prepare 10 ml, add 0. Changing to another country might result in loss of shopping cart.

Additionally, it is recommended that you verify the removal of the first antibody complex prior to reprobing so that signal attributed to binding of the new antibody is not leftover signal from the first immunoblotting experiment.

Incubate for at least 5 min at room temperature. Mount sections with coverslips and mounting medium Mix well then add 0. Aspirate fixative, rinse three times in 1X PBS for 5 min each. Find answers on our FAQs page.

Sonicate for 10—15 sec to complete cell lysis and shear DNA to reduce sample viscosity. Do not aliquot the antibody.