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Built-in Antenna external antenna optional. Positional accuracy and time to fix time can also be affected by poor view of caused by obstructions such as tall buildings, heavy foliage, large cliffs and other obstructions where GPS satellite signals are blocked and poor satellites geometry conditions result. This is the only time when I have seen a degradation of signal reception, dropping from sats to , still a very acceptable reception. This provides the ability to receive all satellites unambiguously and to give some resistance to noise 29 and multipath. The External Active Antenna is an optional accessory which is not included in the package. In addition to datum used, there are number of positioning errors can occur, limiting accuracy.

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The software and map photos are belonged to respective owners. The map datum selected on a GPS receiver needs to match the datum listed on the corresponding paper map in order for the position readings to match. It probably won’t take long before a gadget freak or programmer among us will be able to write software to do just that. I did notice that once on the waypoint my position would shift, and was more accurate when moving towards the waypoint.

What doesn’t it do?

Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery Antenna Type: One particular usage that I can think of is similar to that use by Timex Ironman series. I am not quite sure how long it took to get the first fix from factory delivery, I powered the Emtac on, set my stop watch and went to make a cup of coffee.


Built-in Antenna external antenna optional. It claims a 6 hours minimum continuous usage.

Emtac D1598 Crux II Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver – VGC

The system satellites continuously transmit signals contain the ektac of time and distance in a precise formation, 24 hours a day in any weather condition, everywhere around the world. Driving through the Dartford Tunnel on the M Transplant Computing and its subsidiaries assume no responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties which may arise through the use of the software. Why there is no satellite signal reading on my Pocket PC? Built-in Lithium-Ion crix battery.

Its parts, like connector pin and jack, can be damaged. GPS satellites are not always over the same point on the Earth. Connecting it to the portable was much more challenging. As regards the accuracy I set waypoints at two well defined but small 3 foot by 3 foot locations one day, and revisited them over the next few days, in different weather conditions. Environmental factors that influence the metac accuracy and TTFF fmtac such as tall buildings, narrow streets crxu passageways, 12 protection film on glass, heavy foliage, large cliffs, and other obstructions where the satellite signals may blocked, and, poor satellites geometry situation.

Use only the supplied and approved optional accessories. However there are more issues with power management on the PDA than there is with the Emtac. Make sure to use only the optional external antenna supplied by Transplant. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is used in a safe manner and is suitable for your requirements.



He started I4U News back in and evolved it into vibrant technology curx and tech and toy shopping hub. Built-in Antenna external antenna optional Power: Emtac on my office windowsill. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. On the side of the receiver is a connector for an external MCX type aerial. That way the receiver would remember where you went and you would only need to switch your PDA on when you needed to consult it for your location thus saving valuable battery power.

For information about the operation of the Pocket PC and the GPS application software installation procedures, please refer to the documentation that accompanies each product, respectively.

I also sent two email chasers in an attempt to get the setup working for this review. In this Chapter, a step-by-step operation procedure is described.

I was surprised when the same thing happened the next day, and regularly thereafter. Open Sky and Stationary Reacquisition: