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Built in patch antenna Ext. It is important to note that it is a removable battery. It also seems to be fairly good at tracking my movement without much delay or inaccuracy. Log in or Sign up. But this is also a practical feature that needs to be mentioned. After using the Navibe GB for over 2 months, for what I use it for, I am very pleased with its performance, ease of use, and with maintaining constant communication with my phone.

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The device has 3 LEDs: It has also worked great with both iNav and TomTom. The advantage is that you can buy a second spare battery to have on hand if you want.

In either case, the Navibe GB needs a clear open view to the sky to lock onto satellites. Skip to main content.

Navibe GPS manuals

Technical design is what will make or break a Bluetooth GPS receiver. The battery life is not the best on the market, but is respectable at 10 hours of continual use.

It seems to be made in China since the manual and the drivers CD feature simplified and traditional chinese as main languages others available, too. They all pretty much are the size of a beeper and they all have three LED lights. That way if the battery goes bad you do not have throw away the whole GPS unit. It is also possible although unlikely, and this is not a specific risk for this particular device but probably for each “gpsmouse” device to mess up the settings in such a way that one cannot connect any more with the device, leaving one no solution but to open it and disconnect the battery which is soldered to reset the device to its factory defaults.


Navibe Gps User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

Of course this voids your warranty. My last two GPS units were pretty banged up from being lugged around in my luggage. The on and off switch is nice and firm. It also comes with a wrist strap. The device must “lay navlbe on the floor” for good signals.

Built in patch antenna Ext.

It is important to note that simply speaking, all you need is three satellites to find your location. I have had GPS units in the past actually make it look like Navvibe am floating off the road on another road running parallel to mine, and then finally get its wits about it and jump back to where I actually am.

It also has a nice rubber coating to help protect it while using it and while having it packed when traveling. I really need to point out all the extras that Navibe has put in the box that goes beyond what can be considered expected.

Review: Navibe GB735 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

In my line of work I am on the road a lot. See also the utility SirfDemo.

This unit is build solidly. The Navibe GB can lock onto up to 20 satellites. And after 2 months of use, the Navibe GB ‘s rubber coating has all but eliminated this worry. About 4 months ago my GPS unit that I had been using for the previous 2 years finally quit working, so I found myself thrust into the havibe GPS market again. In narrow streets with high buildings the signal might “drift” moving north west while in reality you only move west. It was really easy and simple to pair it to my PPC For me I look for the little things that helps make a product better or a greater value to the customer.


As far as its accuracy of pinpointing my location and its sensitivity in tracking my movement, it does a pretty good job. Works very well in combination with gpsd on Linux. There are some new windshields that will actually help prevent block satellite reception, making it impossible to lock onto any satellites. This format can be used directly to upload it to OSM. I have experienced a shorter time, and once in a while double the official spec, but never more than 90 seconds.

If you are really into GPS you will be very interested in the technical specs below, but I am not going to go into that amount of detail. The physical shape will often naivbe not vary a great deal from one Bluetooth GPS receiver to the next.