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Or at least keep reading the rest of this review. A second sync solved the problem, but then a few days later the Rhapsody client stopped recognizing the e altogether, something which made song transfers completely impossible. On one of my units the wheel control Is s bit sensitive but works great! Moreover, there’s no need to hold down a multifunction button a few seconds to get to the menu, a common negative found on many full-featured flash players. Hi Tapeworm I saw this reply you made to a question. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new Sansa player! Volume is adjusted by turning the scroll wheel.

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CNET may get a commission from these offers. E series are great MP3 players CD quality sound.

SanDisk Sansa e260 review

4gh It takes a little while to catch some of the tricks, but the UI itself is nice and sandisk sansa e260 4gb mp3 player there’s absolutely no sluggishness at all. Rather than a smooth motion, there 4bg a bit of resistance that gives the right amount of feedback.

Cons Playlisting features aren’t great. Yes, the players in the e series have scroll wheels — no touch-sensitive pads here — but this is a mechanical scroll wheel reminiscent of the wheel on the original 1G iPod which, for whatever reason, still has a lot of fans. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.


Media These days pretty much every digital audio player with a decently-sized color sandisk sansa e260 4gb mp3 player sanwa some sort of digital photo viewer, and the eseries is no exception. A scroll ring helps you navigate the menus with speed and ease. Thanks to SanDisk’s market push as of Junethe company is second in the flash market, with 15 percent, according sandksk NPDthird-party accessory makers may jump in and provide useful accessories.

Overall though, for me the good points far outweigh the few weak points, especially the micro SD slot and the ability to use Rockbox. SanDisk Sansa w260 series mp3 players review: Wireless Power Is Coming. Message 2 of 7 22, Views. Pressing the button always takes you back to the main menu; another press takes you back to whatever mode you were last in.

With the sandisk sansa e260 4gb mp3 player software, the largest capacity card supported was 8 GB I think. From around the web. We like the tactile navigation wheel, as well as the well-designed software interface.

With a cheaper price, larger screen, integrated FM tuner, better battery life twenty hours to the nano’s fourteen — plus the e’s battery is more easily replaceda MicroSD expansion card slot, and a solid user interface, the e gets a lot more right than sandisk sansa e260 4gb mp3 player gets sandiek.

If the number of the firmware version in the top line starts with an 01 it’s a v1.

It is much bigger than the Nano’s 1. The e’s ability to handle video stands in contrast to the iPod nano, but playback is limited to 15 fps and all videos have to be converted using SanDisk’s bundled app before transfer.


SanDisk Sansa e Review & Rating |

I want to update my firmware for my e 4GB Black Sansa. Remove the screws, lift sandisk sansa e260 4gb mp3 player the back cover and the battery comes right out. The one major issue with the Es is the headphone jack. This one is like new and works great. For even zandisk variety, check out the built-in FM radio, which makes it so you never have to miss the news, sports, weather, or radio programs.

SanDisk Sansa e review

Buttons are slightly difficult to press. Forget about the Updater. See all 4 pre-owned listings. The Sandisk Sansa E series has some features that are very important to me. Message 8 of 11 9, Views.

Hi Tapeworm I playet this reply you made to a question. Requires separate apps for loading music and visual media. Amazon bought Ring months ago.

Owned two Great for short trips, still easy and fast music, radio,pics to be added,v message,recorder.