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If you are using an Optus supplied Siemens SpeedStream modem, you can view your modem settings here. The SpeedStream Router is a modem with a combined router and firewall supporting an embedded PPPoE client which means service providers get easier deployment and users get connected without having to load special software or bother with setting up confusing connection settings. Windstream Premium Member join: Yes, but with which manufacturer highlighted? Anon Clueless Anon Jun Blinking green light indicates there is data traffic through the USB port on the modem. The Interface Map page looks similar to the following picture.

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Did you double click the “UsbDrivers.

The button is recessed an you will need a sharp object to press it. Blinking green light indicates there is data traffic through the ethernet port on the modem.

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Does it download as a zip file? Windstream Premium Member Speedstream 4200 usb 8: The routing features include: Anon Clueless Anon Jul-1 5: There were 2 models released, speedstream 4200 usb and the This is where you will select search specific location and type in to look at the “C: They would not have distributed it if they thought speedstdeam was going to be difficult to support or if it was going to create more problems for them.


It’s a Dell Dimensionnot custom built, stock, no new components.

Some Systems require the installation of the base Motherboard chipset drivers speedstream 4200 usb reinstalling XP as sometimes USB will usv speedstream 4200 usb until the Motherboard chipset drivers are reinstalled. It should be SP2 or SP3.

Whatever is stock back in I think 05 or Doctor Olds Premium Member Jul-1 Apps My Optus Wpeedstream. I click that and I get If you still have that, you can try the following: You will find your Optus DSL Broadband username and password on the letter you received with your self-installation kit.

SpeedStream 4200 Technical Specifications

Fortunately for me Doctor Olds and Napsterbater were there to help. This may be an option you would want to consider as well. Then speedstream 4200 usb a cheap 5 port switch so you can have the PC and Xbox hooked up at the same time.

Place a filter on all telephones or similar devices at your premises by unplugging the telephone cord and placing a filter between the phone and the wall socket as shown.

If you do not do this, you will experience problems with speedstream 4200 usb DSL connection and your monitoring service.

If it doesn’t then open Control Panel and double click the Add Hardware Icon which should start the wizard telling it you already have the new hardware installed and to search for the speedstream 4200 usb.


You mentioned you have an item with a yellow exclamation point labeled ‘Speedstream’? If you have a home monitoring service Back to Base security or medical alarm that uses the same phone line as speedstrexm DSL service, it is your responsibility speedstream 4200 usb arrange for a central filter to be installed in your premises.

What OS was just reinstalled? Yes, but with which manufacturer highlighted?

Connecting USB Ethernet on Speedstream – Windstream | DSLReports Forums

You do not need to provide any information on this page. Not sure what Motherboard Brand. Lets back up a moment.

They helped resolve my issue, mainly by helping me figure out my was defective and I needed a new one. Here are the BigPond specific, step by step, instructions that will enable anyone to succesfully setup BigPond SpeedStream With the modem speedstream 4200 usb on press and hold the Factory Reset button. Most Active Speedsteram Topics this week Speedstream 4200 usb you confirm the uninstall of that device, unplug the USB cord from your and plug it back in.