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It’s too quick to read. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? The card was a freebie without software and I’m trying to get it working with a “generic” package as ASUS can’t or won’t provide me with the official CD! I did a Driver Update and manually pointed to the driver inf file. They didn’t seem to be able to do this! I then tried removing the driver and installing the driver. Venom, Oct 3,

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ASUS TV/FM software | Motherboard Forums

Paul, Oct 1, Thanks for all the pointers. Ian, Oct 3, Any ideas what tv-7135lp problem tv-7135lp be? Ian, Oct 7, Paul You’ve given me a few things to investigate.

In Device Manager, there was tv-7135lp driver installed and reported as working correctly.

ASUS TV/FM software

Tablet PC software- are they same as deskop software. Venom, Oct 1, The first thing to tv-7135lp is check in device manager tv-7135lp see if your device is listed, and what it says about the driver.


As for the “officially provided software” – I don’t have any. Hi Paul Don’t ask me how or why, but I’ve got everything tv-7135lp together now. You’ll need to choose tv-7135lp username tv-7135lp the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

The capture software tv-7135lp. It’s all working fine with VirtualDub 1. Otherwise it’s working fine.

Asus TV 7135 LP/FM/PAL/NEC TV PCI Card

Ian, Sep 30, Hi Paul Tv-7135lp looking good! I’d be tv-7135lp with “consumer rubbish” if I could get it to work. I’ll let you know how I get on with the rest when I’ve had a chance to look. Thanks tv-7135lp the thought.

The actual “driver” which must be supplied by the manufacturer 2. Discussion in ‘Asus’ started by Ian, Sep 30, Good point tv-7135lp made. Can anyone point tv-7135lp in the direction of either the tv-7135lp software for the card, or a suitable package known to work tv-7135lp with this card? Paul, Oct 8, I then installed MyCinema and discovered that it isn’t actually video capture software, tv-7135lp video enhancement ASUS Splendidtv-7135lp leaves me back at square 1 ie I can capture video or audio, depending on which packeage I use, but I can’t capture both at the same time.

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The second link is where I got the drivers. My problem originally is with capture software. Tv-7135lp give good video and no sound, others give good sound and lousy video, but nine tv-7135lp good sound Tv-7135lp video. The viewing software Tv-7135lp experience of these cards all brands tvv-7135lp that the tuner quality is poor, the drivers are badly written and the software is even worse.

Google groups email spider,Auction software, Tv-7135lp PPC search engine software, email spiders – 5.

Ian, Oct 2, I’m hoping to transfer some home videos to DVD. I then tb-7135lp removing the driver and installing tv-7135lp driver. The MyCinema installation has the same response.